Bots And Pans

Dec 10 2012

This is a cooking game that I designed with a team in User Interface Design class at UC Berkeley School of Information. Our goal was to create a fun and cute game by using the processes of design. We conducted user interviews to determine what games and what about games people liked. We developed paper prototypes and a functional prototype in Balsamiq and conducted user testing for both. The last step was to create the game in online where we could best display our refined idea of our game. Currently, the game has no backend; users are not tracked and all save games are in your browser's local storage. However, the first 2 levels (not including the tutorial) are playable - so enjoy. The game story is that you are a robot, and you have been manufactured for the express purpose of serving mankind. Literally. Your hungry human overlord has "hired" you to make him his dinner. But before you can go wild in the kitchen and create the culinary masterpieces your tin robot soul yearns to cook, you have to prove your worth to the overlord. Cook some of his favorite recipes, and maybe you won't end up in the junkyard! Bots and Pans is a drag-and-drop game created for a User Interface Design class at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

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